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Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii

Read about the Haida Gwaii Culture, and the Place called the Haida Gwaii

Culture & Language

Culture & Language

Read and Learn more about the Haida Gwaii Culture and the Language of the people.



Video’s, Gallery and Social Media. See it all!

Haida Links

Haida Links

Want to know more about the world of the Haida Gwaii, and the Girl Who Talks To The Moon?


Haida Gwaii Place & Culture

The Haida have occupied the Archipelago of Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, for over 14,000 years.  Haida Gwaii is a six-hour ferry ride from Prince Rupert located in the west coast of Northern BC, north of Vancouver Island.  You can see Alaska from the northern tip of the Island on a clear day.

Haida Gwaii Language

Working with the SHIP program will be an ongoing consulting process, and they will work closely with us to properly translate important words for our show.  This list is preliminary, and will be expanded upon as we progress.

The Haida Gwaii Location

The Haida have occupied the Archipelago of Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, for over 14,000 years.  Haida Gwaii is a six-hour ferry ride from Prince Rupert located in the west coast of Northern BC, north of Vancouver Island.  You can see Alaska from the northern tip of the Island on a clear day.


The Skidegate Haida Immersion Program (SHIP) has been documenting Elders and their language since 1998. It is their mission to codify a language that is dying, so that all Haidas can remain true Haidas for generations to come. The Elders that participate in this program, are working with us to translate and help with pronunciation of the Haida Language for The Girl Who Talks to the Moon. 

Creative Team

Read all about the Creative Team behind The Girl Who Talks To the Moon. Like Heather Hatch, Rebecca Campbell, Frederick Kroetsch, Dennis Jackson, Neil Grahn and Katherine Sandford

Producers Blog

Read all about the latest in The Girl Who Talks To The Moon News, Media and Events.

Recent Blog

Key Creative Team

Heather Hatch
Producer and Haida Liaison
Heather Hatch Producer and Haida Liaison Heather is Haida — she was born in Vancouver, raised in Edmonton and has lived in Skidegate. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta. Her first documentary, Jaat Sdiihltl’lxa: Woman Who Returns, explores how she was adopted into her Haida clan. It premiered at the Edmonton International Film Festival and has screened at numerous festivals. She has worked as a writer and associate producer for Peace River Rising, an examination of how industry creates increased violence against Indigenous women. Heather was the recipient of the first Gill Cardinal Legacy Fund, through which she was mentored by the NFB. Currently, Heather is in pre-production for Della and Goliath, her first feature film, after being awarded the Telefilm Microgrant - Aboriginal Stream.
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Rebecca Campbell
Producer and Owner of Catapult Pictures
Producer and Owner of Catapult Pictures Rebecca Campbell is an Edmonton-based filmmaker. Her directorial debut, Kanada Girl screened at 16 international film festivals. She just finished her second season of her AMPIA award winning children’s stop motion series, Squeaks & Cheeks. She specializes in the production of children’s programming, stop-motion animation, ambient television and 360 video. She has worked as a Director and Producer on multiple award-winning web series, documentaries, and innovative digital projects. She has been instrumental in creating the hit show Kitten TV, which is now also airing internationally. She has worked with CBC, AMI-TV, Telus Optik, and is currently in development with a number of broadcasters.
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Frederick Kroetsch
Producer and Technical Consultant
Producer and Technical Consultant Frederick has been a reporter, camera operator, host, director and producer for the past 18 years. He has produced/directed numerous web series and short documentaries with an emphasis on disability, First Nations, queer culture, and professional wrestling. He has worked with TELUS, CBC, AMI-TV, NFB, and APTN. He is most known for his hit show, KittenTV which is the most popular free VOD on TELUS. Though focused primarily on producing and directing, Frederick is also an accomplished director of photography. His films have screened at over 50 festivals internationally and he has won numerous awards, including Edmonton’s Top 40 under 40.
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Dennis Jackson
Executive Producer
Executive Producer Dennis Jackson began his career in elementary school watching 16mm prints of animation on aboriginal creation tales. Mr. Jackson remembers sitting at the back of the class with the projector as the teacher explained the process of animation with the individual frames. Since this introduction, he has excelled in writing stories about his Cree ancestry with the help of his mother and grandparents. Mr. Jackson went on to volunteer through the local Saskatoon cable channel and produced a 13-part series entitled, “Voices of Aboriginal Youth”, that was nominated for Best Community Programming at the 1993 Showcase Awards. In 1998 Mr. Jackson attained his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Film and Video Production at the University of Regina.
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Neil Grahn
Director Neil Grahn began his television career writing and starring in the comedy series Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, and soon realized many of the key creative decisions were being made by the people behind the camera. He crossed the creative floor in 1995 and became a director/writer. Neil wrote/directed and produced the Gemini Award Winning lifestyle series Taking It Off. He won an AMPIA award for Get A Laugh, a one-hour special on Street Theatre and was nominated for a Gemini in 2008 for a comedy/documentary series he wrote/directed and produced called Fish Out of Water. He has also directed The Family Restaurant, X-Weighted, Fish Out of Water and Canadian Pickers for television. He has been keeping in close touch with his comedy roots by head writing and performing in The Irrelevant Show for CBC Radio One the past six seasons. Neil received an Ampia in 2017 for best Director for the Documentary Secret Alberta: The former live of Amber Valley. He has also stayed busy dramatically with short films and is currently directing on the sketch series Caution May Contain Nuts for APTN.
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Katherine Sandford
Executive Story Editor
Executive Story Editor Katherine’s work for children includes hundreds of hours of stories that have been broadcast around the world. Her more recent Executive Producer credits include The Adventures of Napkin Man (which won the Canadian Screen Award for best preschool series in 2015 and was nominated in 2017; won the Youth Media Alliance Award for best children’s series in 2015 and 2017; and was nominated for a 2017 Kidscreen Award!) as well as Executive Story Editor on You and Me (for which she was nominated for a 2015 Writers Guild of Canada Award). Over the years, Katherine has worked on some of the most recognized shows in children’s television including The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Max and Ruby, Franny’s Feet, Justin Time, Little Charmers, Ranger Rob, dirtgirlworld and of course the perennial Canadian preschool cult classic Toopy and Binoo as well as many, many others. In 2018 Katherine will be returning to New Zealand to consult on the Maori science animated show Darwin and Newts.
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