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Haida Vocabulary

The Girl Who Talks to the Moon

Haida Vocabulary

Nanaay Moon

Animal Names (in our series animal characters will use their Haida names as proper names)

RAVEN - X̱uuya


ORCA – Sçaana

BEAVER – Ts’ing



CRAB – Ñ’uust’an


HERRING - iinang

HOW ARE YOU? – Gasing.nguu dang çiidang?

LET US PLAY - Hala t’alang naang


TOY – Gina ad naang


RESPECT - Yahguudang

I LOVE YOU GRANDMOTHER – Nanaay, dang ça dii k’uuga ga.

WISDOM – K’aadang.nga

SHARING - Gudgiigid

LOVE – k’uuga

CHERISH – ñuuyada ( take care of )

LEARNING – Sñ’aadça

OCEAN – Tang.çwan

The six Haida ethics and values upon which we drew from to write the episodes.

Yahguudang or Yakguudang. Respect.
Respect, for each other and all living things, is rooted in our culture. We take only what we need, we give thanks, and we acknowledge those who behave accordingly. For example, if you are to harvest Seaweed “You are taking the life of something living, whose existence is just as important as yours. Harvest with a grateful heart using good stewardship practices. Remember to always begin with thanking the Seaweed for giving you its life.”
Giid tll’juus. “The world is as sharp as the edge of a knife.”
Balance is needed in our interactions with the natural world. If we aren’t careful in everything we do, we can easily reach a point of no return. Our practices and those of others must be sustainable.
Gina waadluxan gud ad kwaagiida. “Everything depends on everything else.”
This principle is comparable to an integrated approach to management.
Isda ad diigii isda. Giving and Receiving.
Giving and receiving (reciprocity) is a respected practice in our culture, essential in our interactions with each other and the natural world. We continually give thanks to the natural world for the gifts that we receive.
Gina k’aadang.nga gii uu tl’ k’anguudang. Seeking Wise Counsel.
Our elders teach us about traditional ways and how to work in harmony. Like the forest, the roots of our people are intertwined. Together we consider new ideas and information in keeping with our culture, values, and laws.
‘Laa guu ga kanhllns. Responsibility.
We accept the responsibility passed on (to us) by our ancestors to manage and care for the sea and land. We will ensure that our heritage is passed on to future generations.

(Council of the Haida Nation 2007).

Information taken from


The Haida language is an isolate, which means that there is no other language like it.

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Information about the Haida language

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